“In the ethereal realm of abstract expressionism, where colors dance freely and brushstrokes convey the ineffable, I, a female artist born in Bucharest, Romania, the little Paris, draw upon my rich heritage as a source of inspiration. Hailing from a family of artisans with deep roots in Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldova, I weave threads of tradition, ancient history, symbols, spirituality, and consciousness into the tapestry of my artistic journey.

Growing up in Bucharest, a city steeped in artistic vibrancy and cultural diversity, I was nurtured by the enchantment of its streets, architecture, and the echoes of its past. The legacy of my Romanian heritage, with its ancient rituals and mystical folklore, resonates within me, infusing my art with a unique sense of mystery and depth.

Guided by the whispers of my ancestors’ craftsmanship, I venture into the realm of abstraction, allowing the alchemy of color and form to unfold on the canvas. With each brushstroke, I channel the spirits of the artisans who came before me, embracing their legacy while forging my own artistic identity.

As a woman artist, I find empowerment in the creative process, defying societal boundaries and challenging conventional norms. Through my work, I seek to amplify the voices of women throughout history, reclaiming their narratives and celebrating the strength, resilience, and wisdom that permeates their stories.

The allure of ancient history beckons me, and I immerse myself in its depths, fascinated by the enigmatic power of symbols that have transcended time and culture. Inspired by the cryptic hieroglyphs of Egypt, the mesmerizing geometric patterns of Mesopotamia, and the ancient symbolism of Romanian folklore, I endeavor to unlock the hidden meanings embedded within these visual languages.

In my artistic odyssey, spirituality and consciousness guide my hand, serving as beacons of light illuminating the path I traverse. Layers of texture, rhythm, and color become vehicles of transcendence, inviting viewers to embark on a journey inward, where the physical and spiritual realms intertwine.

With each creation, I invite you to join me on a visual pilgrimage through the evocative landscapes of abstract expressionism. Surrender to the enchantment of my brush, as it weaves a tapestry that reflects the echoes of my Romanian heritage, the universal language of symbols, and the timeless quest for spiritual enlightenment.

Together, let us celebrate the fusion of tradition and innovation, embracing the richness of diverse cultural tapestries, and honoring the lineage of women artists who have paved the way for generations to come. In the vivid realm of abstract expressionism, I invite you to explore the intricate layers of our shared human experience and embark upon a transformative journey of self-discovery and collective consciousness.”